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Where's my order?

We collect information from most of our suppliers to track shipments. In events where shipments go missing or are late we will update customers directly and/or make Announcements that you will be able to view to the right hand side of this page and also on the main Help page.

We have our own order tracking system that you can use to follow your order. For more detailed information, please visit your account page and click 'View' next to the order in question. This will be updated regularly as your order moves through the order track process.

Here is a brief explanation of how an order is processed at Fishpond and the different order statuses.

  • Processing: Order received and being routed through various distribution centres according to optimal stock levels and the quickest customer arrival time. Orders are also put into processing status when an administrator is checking something manually.
  • Released to Warehouse: The instruction to pick the order has been cleared and released to the supplier distribution centre that will fulfill the order.
  • Picked & Packed: The item has reached the final allocating stage and is being prepared for shipping to the local distribution centre.
  • In transit to our local distribution center: The item has left the supplier distribution centre and in on its way to the local distribution centre.
  • (Pending): Some orders are held while we wait for payment or a response from the customer.
  • Preparing to Ship/Post: At the local distribution centre, ready to be dispatched to the customer.
  • Shipped: Order has been packed and has left the local distribution centre and is now with the postal or courier service on the way to the customer.

If your order has been marked as "Shipped" you will receive an email with an estimated delivery timeframe.

For delivery over the busy Christmas period we will make special announcements regarding order cut off times.

If the order doesn't arrive after 7 working days from the final date in the delivery estimate, please let us know via the order tracking system.

All missing parcels claims must be lodged within 30 days from the last estimated delivery date.

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