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HQRP Profesional UV Flashlight with High Power 3W LED 390nm Wavelenght with Variable Focus for Urine Detection / Inspection plus HQRP UV Tester


Product Description:

This flashlight has the latest LED-technology high power 3W LED, which corresponds to the usual 51 LED UV Light in power and luminescence but has a longer life span and compact size. 3W LED UV Flashlight is more effective at long distances than 51 LED UV Flashlight thanks to the zoom functions and the beam focusing feature.

HQRP UV flashlight with variable focus is designed for a quick cheque of money, documents, authenticity of artworks, as well as for hunting scorpions in your garden and lawn, or search for minerals! With a narrow beam of light you can cheque the cooling system for any leaks, cheque glass products for defects, cracks, damage, inspect gems for defects or cracks inside or outside of the stone. The wide beam of light will help you find the traces of urine from your pets, hunt down rodents or cheque a hotel room. The application is perfect for leak, rodent, painting, hotel room, china, pottery repair detection, art forgery detection, security control, document and forgery analysis, currency and bill verification, gemstone and mineral inspection, scorpion illumination, and much more.

Can be used to inspect hotel sheets before use to see if the beds have been changed as some bodily fluids will fluoresce under UV light.

The urine of many animals, including cats and rodents will fluoresce under UV. To determine rodent presence, simply illuminate the area in question with a UV light. Dry rodent urine glows a blue-white if fresh to a yellow-white if old. Rodent hair glows blue-white and is easily identified. Arson investigators use UV to search for the presence of accelerants. By changing the focus of light, you can regulate the coverage area.

Due to the intensity of this UV LED device UV protective glasses are recommended. Do not look into this device while operating nor shine in any person's eyes.

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