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World War II POW Camps

Chapters: Burma Railway, Colditz Castle, Hammond, Louisiana, Stalag Luft III, Oflag IV-C, Attempts to escape Oflag IV-C, Bradley International Airport, Camp Edwards, Vardohus Fortress, Stalag Luft IV, The March, Stalag II-B, Westover Joint Air Reserve Base, List of prisoner-of-war camps in Germany, List of POW camps in the United States, Skorpa prisoner of war camp, Blechhammer, Stalag VII-A, Fort Robinson, List of Japanese-run internment camps during World War II, Cowra breakout, Stalag IV-B, Malmsheim Airfield, Camp Ruston, List of POW camps in Italy, Fort Devens, Honouliuli Internment Camp, Camp Shelby, Stalag X-B, Camp Funfeichen, List of POW camps in Britain, Stalag VIII-B, Camp Concordia, Camp Adair, Dulag luft, Angler POW escape, Camp Perry, Stalag V-A, Far East Prisoners of War, Oflag II-C, Stalag IX-B, Camp Myles Standish, Oflag XXI-B, Hellfire Pass, Oflag XIII-B, Fukuoka 17, Laufen, Germany, Camp Papago Park, Oflag 64, List of POW camps in Canada, Stalag III-A, Stalag VIII-D, Stalag III-C, Camp Atlanta, Featherston prisoner of war camp, Camp Rupert, List of POW camps in Australia, Stalag II-D, Oflag VI-B, HM Prison Dhurringile, Stalag IX-C, Stalag XX-A, Marlag und Milag Nord, Stalag XIII-C, Oflag XXI-C, Stalag VI-C, List of World War II POW camps administered by France, Oflag VII-B, Stalag VIII-A, Stalag VIII-C, Bowmanville POW camp, Camp White, Camp Ellis, Oflag IX-C, Oflag V-B, Oflag II-D, Stalag XVIII-A, Oflag VII-A Murnau, Oflag IV-B Koenigstein, Camp Dawson, Stalag XIII-D, Camp Fannin, Stalag XI-B, Delousing break, Stalag Luft 7, Oflag IX-A/H, Stalag Luft VI, Itter Castle, Stalag VIII-E, List of POW camps in occupied Germany, Oflag VIII-F, Oflag XIII-A, Stalag IV-G, Oflag VII-C, Oflag XVII-A, Camp Hulen, Stalag IV-A, Woolenook, Stalag VIII-F, Loveday Camp 14, Stalag XI-C, Oflag 79, Loveday Camp 10, Oflag X-C, Stalag IV-E, Oflag XII-A, Stalag XX-B, Oflag IV-D, Katarapko, Loveday Camp 9, Moorook West, Oflag XII-B, Oflag IV-A, Stalag IV-C, Oflag X-..."
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