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Womb Awakening


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Table of Contents

Foreword by Linda Star Wolf

Preface: Love Letter from the Authors


Cycle 1

Welcome to Primordial Womb Consciousness

Spiral 1. Womb Awakening: Opening the Magical Doorway Within

Spiral 2. Message from an Ancient Mother: Awakening the Magdalene Womb

Spiral 3. Awakening the Wild Masculine: The Womb Births the Sacred Man

Spiral 4. Power of the Womb: Gateway to Infinite Love

Cycle 2

Ancient Womb Cosmology and Feminine Mystery Schools

Spiral 5. Womb Cosmology: The World's One Religion

Spiral 6. Womb Symbology: The Lost Feminine Holy Grail

Spiral 7. Cosmic Womb and Earth Womb: Gateways to Upperworld and Underworld

Spiral 8. Womb Mystery Schools: Resurrection Rituals of the Mermaid Priestesses

Spiral 9. Feminine Womb Enlightenment: Womb Bodhisattvas and Menstrual Mystics

Spiral 10. The Age of Innocence Returns: Fairy Tales and Lost Womb Wisdom

Cycle 3

Womb of Life and Alchemy of Rebirth

Spiral 11. Womb of God: The Queendom of Feminine Consciousness

Spiral 12. Wombtime Origins of Shamanism: The Dreaming Dimension of the Brain

Spiral 13. Soul Midwife Rites: Conscious Creation and Conscious Death

Spiral 14. Placenta of the Void: Divine Milk of the Cosmic Mother

Spiral 15. Total Rebirth: Healing Conception, Gestation, and Birth

Spiral 16. Shamanic Birthing: Avatars of New Earth

Cycle 4

The Lunar Mysteries and Womb Codes of Creation

Spiral 17. Moon Alchemy: The Lost Lunar World

Spiral 18. Womb Blood: Original Blessing of the Great Mother

Spiral 19. Codes of Creation: Sacred Science of Menstrual Stem Cells

Spiral 20. Wild and Holy Womb: Uniting the Red and White Rivers of the Feminine

Spiral 21. Voice of the Womb, Voice of Wisdom: Living the Truth of Feminine Power

Spiral 22. Dark Side of the Womb: The Trickster, Guardian of Power

Cycle 5

Grail Womb Shamanism and Sacred Soul-mate Union

Spiral 23. The Grail Lineage of Love: Traditions of Sacred Union

Spiral 24. Sacred Duality: The Mystical and Magnetic Union of Opposites

Spiral 25. Opening to Love: The Feminine Path of Sacred Relationship

Spiral 26. Descending to Earth: Awakening the Feminine Crown

Spiral 27. Twin Spiral Chakra System: Marriage of Your Inner Soul Mates

Spiral 28. Dragon and Dove Alchemy: Ascending and Descending Kundalini

Cycle 6

Womb Medicine Wheel: Awa kening the Eight Grail Gates

Spiral 29. Royal Road: Entering the Three Grail Gates of the Yoni

Spiral 30. Dragons of Creation: Journey through the Four Womb Elements

Spiral 31. Black Mother, Womb of Creation: The Eighth Grail Gate

Cycle 7

Return of the Feminine Christ: Compl eting the Circle

Spiral 32. Awakening the Grail Knights: The Sacred Masculine as Guardian of the Womb

Spiral 33. The Feminine Christ Returns: Womb Consciousness Rebirths






Womb Awakening Audio Tracks

About the Authors

About the Author

Azra Bertrand, M.D., has a degree in biochemistry and studied at Duke University School of Medicine, with research at the NIH. He has been a pioneering doctor and mystic for over two decades, following the feminine pathway of alchemy. Seren Bertrand is a visionary creatrix and spirit keeper with a degree in English literature and modern philosophy, who is dedicated to restoring the lost global feminine wisdom traditions. The authors of Magdalene Mysteries, the Bertrands live in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina.


"Womb Awakening gave me total body chills the moment I turned the first page. Here is a masterwork of beauty, power, and mystical truth--long buried but now rising as both women and planet Earth heal and assume their full potential and grandeur." * Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Godesses Never Age *
"Womb Awakening is a magnificent achievement that gives new life to the vision of tantra, with women as spiritual power-holders and initiators who celebrated the womb as a treasury of knowledge and source of bliss, compassion, and liberating wisdom. With radiant prose, the book ushers us to the original altar and holy temple within us all, guiding us into the womb realm of magic, transforming power, and healing grace of sacred union with ourselves, our partners, and the earth." * Miranda Shaw, Ph.D., author of Passionate Enlightenment *
"A brilliant and heartfelt book, I believe this work has the potential to forever change our ideas about the womb. I was enthralled from the very first pages. A beautiful and timely body of womb wisdom that will be shared for generations to come." * Rosita Arvigo, D.N., Sastun: My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer *
"An extraordinary book that is both a revelation and a priceless shamanic guide to the Divine Wisdom of the Feminine--obliterated and obfuscated by patriarchal religion for five millennia--a wondrous, generous, astonishing, deeply researched, and utterly extraordinary gift to women and men who are searching for the true meaning of the Holy Grail and the deeper purpose of their lives on this planet." * Anne Baring, author of The Dream of the Cosmos *
"Womb Awakening is a comprehensive and unrivaled guide to the hidden wisdom of the womb. More than just a book, it is an initiation into the sacred feminine mysteries, opening a portal to the possibility of embodying ancient insight. Allow yourself to be transformed by the deep feminine wisdom contained in this powerful book." * Lucy H. Pearce, author of Moon Time, Burning Woman, and Full Circle Health *
"Azra Bertrand, M.D., and Seren Bertrand have captured the spirit of this deeply important journey we must all go on at some stage of our lives. Together they compel, inspire, guide, and encourage both men and women into Womb Awakening. I highly recommend this book for everyone!" * Anaiya Sophia, author of Sacred Sexual Union *
"The Bertrands have gathered a compendium of historical information to illustrate how we have lost our connection to nature. By relying upon ancient and reverent womb wisdom, we can move away from the current human crisis of separation that has been imposed upon us through a polarization of masculine consciousness. This book points the way to recover our wholeness through inviting the feminine consciousness of unconditional love into our lives as a necessary guiding force." * Pia Orleane, Ph.D., author of Sacred Retreat *
"Womb Awakening is both a mystery school and a portal. It is a reclamation and celebration of the womb as adytum within the temple of a woman's body. Through story, mythology, history, poetry, ritual, and lush imagery, the authors deftly induct the reader into the heart of the feminine mystery. A stirring and heartfelt offering whose pages shimmer with wisdom and magic." * Shonagh Home, author of Ix Chel Wisdom: 7 Teachings from the Mayan Sacred Feminine *
"This book is to be read in exactly the same way you should eat dark chocolate: slowly, intentionally, and with complete devotion. Its pages are encoded with the wisdom of the ancients--the womb bodhisattvas and menstrual mystics--it's a full-bodied remembrance of who we really are, which is so 'bloody' necessary when navigating these interesting times we're currently living in." * Lisa Lister, author of Love Your Lady Landscape and Witch: Unleashed. Untamed. Unapologetic. *
"Azra and Seren Bertrand have woven together a convincing theory of ancient myths and practices to help us understand that womb wisdom has been honored and preserved throughout the millennia of time. The nonlinear presentation accentuates the necessity of a return to living by nature's rhythms. Their work should become a model for understanding the wisdom and the depth of the Divine Feminine." * Cullen Baird Smith, coauthor of Remembering Who We Are and Conversations with Laarkmaa *

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