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Taoist Cosmic Healing

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Acknowledgments Putting Taoist Cosmic Healing into Practice Introduction What Is Cosmic Healing Chi Kung? Teachers as Students 1 Self-Preparation: How to Feel and Conduct Chi Mastering Chi Step 1: Conserve Chi Step 2: Balance Chi Step 3: Transform Chi Step 4: Increase Chi Step 5: Project Chi Mind, Eye, and Heart Power The Foundations of Universal Tao Warm Up the Stove Cosmic Inner Smile Microcosmic Orbit Six Healing Sounds Smile to Connect with the Universe Within True Breath: Skin Breathing Bone Breathing Marrow Washing 2 The Three Tan Tiens: Connecting to the Powers of the Universe Tan Tien Energy Tan Tien Consciousness Second Brain Consciousness The Conscious Mind of the Heart Achieving Awareness and Not-Awareness Warm-Up Exercises Rotating the Sacrum Spinal Cord Breathing Shaking Three Minds into One: Yi Power Activating the Six Directions and the Three Fires Stage 1: Direction Below Stage 2: Front Direction and Tan Tien Fire Stage 3: Back Direction and Kidney Fire Stage 4: Heart Fire Stage 5: Sacred Fire (Chi Fire) Stage 6: Open the Third Eye Stage 7: Front Direction Push/Pull Master Practice Stage 8: Left and Right Directions Stage 9: Direction Above Stage 10: Open the Spine Stage 11: Open the Middle Channel and Perineum Stage 12: Finish Opening the Three Tan Tiens The Basic Process Upper Tan Tien: Mideyebrow Middle Tan Tien: Sternum Lower Tan Tien: Navel Activate Chi in the Bones of Hips, Legs and Sacrum 3 Advanced Chi Techniques: Learning to Use Different Types of Chi Chi Sources Universal Chi (Heaven Chi) Cosmic Chi (Air Chi or Man Chi) Earth Chi Nature Chi and the Five Elements The Healing Colors White Chi Blue Chi Green Chi Red Chi Orange Chi Yellow Chi Violet Chi Gold Chi Personal Stars Planetary Chi Channeling Color: A Practice Healing Session The Spleen and Solar Plexus: Chi Delivery Routes 4 Buddha Palm: The Cosmic Healing Training Form Buddha Palm The Meridians of the Body General Functions of the Eight Extraordinary Channels The Eight Extraordinary Channels and Chi Kung Summary: The Buddha Palm Sequence Section I: Connect to Heaven and Earth Section II: Open the Bridge and Regulator Channels Section III: Open the Functional, Governor, and Thrusting Channels Section IV: Activate One-Finger Art and the Chi Belt Cosmic Healing Chi Kung Preparation Forget about Your Palms Opening Heaven and Earth Force in the Palms Connecting the Bridge Buddha Palm Opening Movements Three Minds into One Mind Channeling the Earth Force: Marrow Washing Absorb the Heavenly Force: Marrow Washing from Crown to Soles Absorb the Earth Force and the Other Side of the Galaxy Section I Core Movements: Connecting to Heaven and Earth Grasping the Moon: Connecting the Heaven and Earth Forces (Right Side over Left Side) Grasping the Chi Ball: Tan Tien and the Original Force (Right Side over Left Side) Yin and Yang Palms Left Side Section II Core Movements: Opening the Bridge and Regulator Channels Activating the Throat Center (Right Side) Activating the Mideyebrow Point (Right Side) Activating the Organs Grasping the Chi Ball (Right Side over Left Side) Yin and Yang Palms Left Side Section III Core Movements: Opening the Functional,Governor, and Thrusting Channels Grasping the Chi Ball (Right Hand over Left) Activating the Outer and Inner Arm Gates Opening the Functional Channel (Right Hand) Yin and Yang Palms Grasping the Chi Ball (Left Hand over Right) Opening the Functional Channel (Left Hand) Grasping the Chi Ball (Palms Facing) Double Palm and Double Beam (Right Palm over Left) Grasping the Chi Ball (Palms Facing) Double Palm and Double Beam (Left Palm over Right) Activating the Earth Force Section IV Core Movements: Activating the Yin and Yang Channels of the Arms and the Chi Belt Activating the Yin Channels (Left Side) Activating the Yang Channels (Left Side) Activating the Yin and Yang Channels (Right Side) Activating the Yin and Yang Channels (Other Fingers) Activating the Chi Belt (Right Foot Forward) Activating the Chi Belt (Left Foot Forward) Channel the Earth Force Buddha Palm Closing Movements Index Fingers Ring Fingers Thumbs Pinkie Fingers Middle Fingers Crane's Beak and Swallow the Saliva Conclusion Simple Combined Practice Combined Practice Opening Movements Combined Practice Core Movements Combined Practice Closing Movements 5 General Healing Session: Cleansing and Strengthening the Body Chi Kung Diagnosis: Hand Scanning General Variations in the Energy Field Scanning the Internal Organs The General Healing Session Practices A. Three Minds into One Mind B. Activating the Six Directions C. Activating the Three Fires D. World Link E. Protective Circle and Chi Field F. Chi (Sacred) Water Practice G. Empty and Fill H. Clean with Green Light I. Clean with Blue Light J. Charge with Violet Light K. Activate the Defense and Immune Systems 6 Individual Healing Session: Treating Specific Health Conditions Step 1: Create the Chi Field Step 2: Activate the Chi Knife Practicing with the Chi Knife Step 3: Energize and Activate the Immune System Step 4: Cleanse the Internal Organs General Cleansing Procedure General Cleansing Principles Cleansing the Solar Plexus Cleansing the Spinal Cord Cleansing the Blood (Lungs) Cleansing the Circulatory System and Heart Healing Some Common Ailments Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure) Stomach Pains General Pain Headache Migraine Headache Toothache Broken Bone Back Injury Infection and Inflammation Cysts Fever Insomnia Tinnitus Fresh Burns Old Minor Burns Old Severe Burns Old Wounds Skin Infection Eye Problems Ear Infection Improve Health, Reduce Stress, and Remain Young Appendix: Guide to the Acupuncture Points Used in Cosmic Chi Kung Bibliography About the Author The Universal Tao System and Training Center The Universal Tao System Universal Tao Center Index

About the Author

A student of several Taoist masters, Mantak Chia developed the Universal Tao System in 1979 and has taught tens of thousands of students from all over the world. He tours the United States annually, giving workshops and lectures. He is the director of the Universal Tao Center and Tao Garden Health Resort and Training Center located in northern Thailand and is the author of 19 books, including the bestsellingThe Multi-Orgasmic Man.


"Taoist Cosmic Healing presents important applications of Grand Circulation Qigong, bridging ancient wisdom and modern scientific method." * Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, president of Yang's Martial Arts Association * "This book will be very useful for anyone interested in learning how to work with 'Cosmic' or spiritual healing." * The Empty Vessel, Winter 2004 * "Having met many illuminating master teachers in the United States and in China, it is clear to me that Mantak Chia's contribution to the Qi (Chi) cultivation arts is no less than remarkable." * Roger Jahnke, OMD, author of The Healer Within and The Healing Promise of Qi and director of the Ins *

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