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Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Dummies


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Introduction 1 About This Book 1 Conventions Used in This Book 2 Foolish Assumptions 3 Icons Used in This Book 4 Where to Go from Here 4 Part 1: Exploring the Mediterranean Lifestyle 5 Chapter 1: Introducing the Mediterranean Diet 7 Identifying the Flavors of the Mediterranean Coast 8 Discovering Where the Food Comes From 9 Focusing on farming 9 Eating seasonally 11 Fishing the Mediterranean Sea 12 Eating and Living the Mediterranean Way 12 Focusing on healthy fats 12 Don't say "cheese": Using dairy in moderation 13 Eating primarily plant-based foods 14 Punching up the flavor with fresh herbs and spices 14 Enjoying seafood weekly 14 Limiting red meat 15 Having a nice glass of vino 15 Getting a good dose of daily activity 15 Taking time for the day's biggest meal 16 Enjoying time with friends and family 18 Having a strong passion for life 18 Chapter 2: Discovering the Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet 19 Highlighting the Main Nutrients of the Mediterranean Diet 20 Fighting free radicals with antioxidants 20 Understanding phytochemicals 23 Vitamin D: Getting a little of the sunshine vitamin 23 Choosing healthy fats 25 Boosting your fiber intake 26 Filling Up with Functional Foods 27 Bring on the bacteria: Embracing fermented foods 28 Getting nutty 29 Understanding the Importance of Wine 29 Looking at the Mediterranean Diet's Effect on Heart Disease 30 Fighting Cancer 31 Battling Diabetes 33 Aging Gracefully: Anti-Aging Tips from the Mediterranean 34 Chapter 3: Losing Weight with the Mediterranean Diet 35 Focusing on Lifestyle Changes 36 Ditching diets 36 Making time in a fast-paced lifestyle 37 Creating small changes that stick 38 Considering Calories without Counting Them 39 Eating more to lose weight 39 Taking portion size into account 40 Watching your fat calories 42 Increasing activity you love 43 Suppressing Your Appetite Effortlessly 43 Loading up on fiber 44 Turning on your fullness hormones 44 Controlling Food Cravings 45 Avoiding blood sugar spikes 45 Managing your stress hormones 46 Mastering the Art of Mindful Eating 47 Slowing down 47 Enjoying food to its fullest 48 Part 2: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle With Mediterranean Cooking 49 Chapter 4: Planning Your Mediterranean Meals 51 Seeing the Importance of Meal Planning 51 Changing the Way You Fill Your Plate 53 Focusing on plant-based foods 53 Making good use of healthy fats 55 Finding the right balance with protein 55 Eyeing a Mediterranean meal makeover 56 Trying Sample Meals and Lifestyle Plans 57 Sunday: Day of relaxation 57 Monday: Grilling to start your work week 58 Tuesday: Making it quick! 59 Wednesday: Making easy, delicious meals 60 Thursday: Winding down the work week 61 Friday: Pizza night 62 Saturday: Party all day and night 63 Finding Kid-Friendly Recipes 64 Chapter 5: Going to the Market and Stocking Your Kitchen 67 Knowing Where to Shop 68 Shopping local, no matter where you live 68 Taking advantage of local farmers' markets 69 Getting involved with your local CSA 69 Discovering other hidden food spots 70 Preparing to Shop: Appreciating the Food 70 Meal planning that fits your lifestyle 71 Starting with a list 71 Finding the Right Products 72 Buying produce 72 Seeking the perfect seafood 73 Purchasing beef, pork, and poultry 74 Checking out the dairy case 74 Exploring grains and breads 75 Getting your caffeine fix 75 Stocking Your Kitchen with Must-Have Mediterranean Staples 76 Loading up your pantry 76 Keeping a few items on hand in your refrigerator 78 Freezing for the future 78 Filling your countertop 79 Exploring a Few Handy Cooking Tools 79 Cutting boards 80 Electrical appliances 81 Pots and pans 81 The best utility tools 82 Chapter 6: Mastering Mediterranean Cooking with Helpful Tips and Techniques 83 Setting Yourself Up for Success 83 Scheduling time for cooking 84 Finding ways to create quick and easy meals 85 Making good use of batch cooking 86 Cooking with Oils 87 Understanding smoke points 87 Finding high quality olive oil 87 Storing oils 89 Knowing how much to use 89 A Pinch of This and a Pinch of That: Using Herbs and Spices 90 Looking at the health benefits of herbs and spices 90 Storing fresh and bottled herbs 91 Livening up food with herbs and spices 92 Including Whole Grains 93 Getting a handle on cooking times 93 Adding flavor to grains 94 Discovering Beans and Lentils 95 Preparing canned and dried beans and lentils 96 Finding cooking times for dried legumes 97 Part 3: Starters and Sides 99 Chapter 7: Beginning the day the Right Way 101 Waking Up to Breakfast, Mediterranean-Style 102 Bringing on the Eggs 103 Trying Some Delicious Breakfast Specials 110 Chapter 8: Small Appetizers: Starting Off With Tapas, Meze, and Antipasti 117 Creating the Classics 118 Going for the Yum: That's So Cheesy! 128 Creating Savory Starters 133 Chapter 9: Whipping Up Some Sauces 139 Making Classic Italian Sauces 140 Creating the Mediterranean Standbys 148 Chapter 10: Creating Fresh, Delicious Salads 153 Eating Your Veggies Fresh from the Garden 154 Getting to the Fruit of Things 165 Pushing Side Salads Aside: Delicious Entree Salads 168 Chapter 11: Savoring Soups and Stews 173 Warming Up with a Great Cup of Soup 174 Creating Hearty Stews to Warm Your Heart 182 Chapter 12: Bringing New Flavor to Vegetable Sides 187 Introducing Fall Favorites into Your Mediterranean Diet 188 Helping Yourself to Hearty Winter Vegetables 192 Springing into Spring 198 Loving Light, Fresh Summer Classics 202 Chapter 13: Rediscovering Whole Grains 207 Exploring Rice and Couscous 208 From Mush to Gold: Making Polenta 215 Creating Amazing Sides with Bulgur Wheat 219 Part 4: Main Entrees and Desserts 225 Chapter 14: Enjoying Legumes the Mediterranean Way 227 Letting in Lentils 228 Bringing Beans to the Table 234 Chapter 15: Pasta, Pasta, Pasta! 243 Eating Pasta Responsibly 244 Going Vegetarian 244 Diving into Noodles with Seafood 251 Adding Meat to Pasta 257 Chapter 16: From Pizza to Pitas: Mastering Fast Food 265 Tossing Up Pizza Night 266 Gearing Up for Classic Gyros and Pitas 274 Munching Sensational Sandwiches 279 Chapter 17: Preparing Classic Chicken Entrees 287 Crafting Some Chicken Classics from Southern Italy 288 Creating Amazing Cretan Chicken Dishes 293 Adding a Touch of Morocco and Spain 299 Chapter 18: Going Under the Sea with Seafood Options 305 Making Light and Healthy Fish Entrees 306 Crafting Some Shellfish Specialties 314 Putting Together Easy Seafood for Busy People on the Run 320 Chapter 19: Making One-of-a-Kind Meat and Pork Entrees 325 Enjoying a Great Steak 327 Exploring Beef Specialties 333 Perfecting Pork 338 Chapter 20: Don't Forget Dessert! 343 Devouring Quintessential Mediterranean Desserts 344 Adding a Touch of Fruit to Sweeten Your Meal 350 Going Cuckoo for Cookies 357 Part 5: The Part of Tens 363 Chapter 21: Ten Tips for Getting More Plant-Based Foods in Your Diet 365 Keeping Sliced Vegetables on Hand 366 Including a Fruit or Vegetable with Every Meal 366 Keeping a Fruit Bowl on Your Counter 366 Adding Fruit to Your Cereals 367 Dressing Up Your Salad with Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 367 Sneaking Veggies and Herbs into Your Egg Dishes 367 Punching Up Your Pasta with Fresh Produce 368 Starting Off with a Little Vegetable Soup 368 Supercharging Soups and Stews with Whole Grains 368 Adding Beans to, Well, Everything 369 Chapter 22: Ten Myths about the Mediterranean Diet 371 People Who Live in the Mediterranean Are All Healthy 371 You Can Eat as Much Cheese as You Want 372 Drinking as Much Wine as You Want Is Heart Healthy 372 You Can Eat Desserts Regularly and Manage Your Weight 372 Eating Large Bowls of Pasta with Bread Is Totally Fine 373 You Don't Have to Go to the Gym 373 The Diet Can't Be Healthy Because It Contains So Much Fat 373 The Health Benefits Are All about the Diet 374 People from the Mediterranean Eat Huge Meals and Never Gain Weight 374 You Can Continue a Busy Life and Fully Adopt a Mediterranean Diet 374 Appendix: Metric Conversion Guide 375 Index 379

About the Author

Meri Raffetto, RDN, founded Real Living Nutrition Services (reallivingnutrition.com), which pro- vides one of the only interactive online weight-loss and wellness programs. Wendy Jo Peterson MS, RDN, enhances the nutrition of clients ranging from elite athletes to pediatric patients, and is currently a culinary instructor at Mesa College.

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