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Legislation in Europe

This book provides a practical handbook for legislation. Written by a team of experts, practitioners and scholars, it invites national institutions to apply its teachings in the context of their own drafting manuals and laws. Analysis focuses on general principles and best practice within the context of the different systems of government in Europe. Questions explored include subsidiarity, legitimacy, efficacy, effectiveness, efficiency, proportionality, monitoring and regulatory impact assessment. Taking a practical approach which starts from evidence-based rationality, it represents essential reading for all practitioners in the field of legislative drafting.
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction Ulrich Karpen 2. Legislation and Regulation Wim JM Voermans 3. Legislative Process Timea Drinoczi 4. Management of Legislation Patricia Popelier 5. Participation Felix Uhlmann and Christoph Konrath 6. Goals and Measures of Legislation: Evaluation Mauro Zamboni 7. Legislative Drafting Techniques/Formal Legistics Jean-Pierre Duprat and Helen Xanthaki 8. Legislative Language and Style Mario Hernandez Ramos and Volker Heydt 9. Legislative Drafting Stefan Hoefl er, Markus Nussbaumer and Helen Xanthaki 10. Publication Karl Irresberger and Anna Jasiak 11. Regulatory Evaluation Ex Ante and Ex Post: Best Practice, Guidance and Methods Stephan Naundorf and Claudio M. Radaelli 12. Maintenance of Rules Maria De Benedetto 13. EU Legislation William Robinson 14. Legislative Training Marta Tavares de Almeida and Chris Moll 15. Emerging Trends in Legislation in Europe Helen Xanthaki

About the Author

Ulrich Karpen is Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law, University of Hamburg. Helen Xanthaki is Professor of Law, UCL; and Senior Research Fellow, IALS, University of London.


This publication is relevant to subjects or agents directly or indirectly participating to the critique of legislative rules, academics and citizens(...). The book (...) offers its readers a dual perspective of fundamental aspects in the field of Legislprudence (Legistica, Legistique) as an interdisciplinary science embracing aspects of law, economics and social sciences, with a final objective to ameliorate the quality of legislation and to facilitate its implementation. -- Marta Tavares de Almeida * REVISTA DE LEGISLACAO * All in all this is an impressive overview and deepening of European Legislation. The breadth, clarity, and level of academic work of this volume cannot be faulted: this is a a great editorial success in Europe! (...). Without any doubt this book raises awareness of the importance of the legislative process, incites the reader to think further, and widens the reader's horizons.The book lays the empirical and theoretical basis for legislative questions -- Zeitschrift fur Gesetzgebung * Wolfgang, the Earl of Vitzthum * The book presents an extremely valuable effort to cover the increasingly important ground of legislative drafting and to synthetize the essentials and recent developments of the legislative scholarship in Europe. Not only legislation scholars and experts will profit from such an effort: even more importantly, those lawyers who still confine their interest to the description and interpretation of legislation as a product may well learn in this treatise why the making and drafting of laws offers a promising field for legal research. -- Klaus Messerschmidt and Daniel Oliver-Lalana * European Review of Public Law * This is a new and fascinating book. It deserves many readers - who it will both challenge and reward. -- Ross Carter, Principal Counsel, New Zealand Parliamentary Counsel Office, Secretary of the Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel (CALC), Wellington, New Zealand * Theory and Practice of Legislation (2017) Vol 5 Issue 2. * This anthology contains a wealth of information, analysis and suggestions...It is obvious that comparison in the field of legisprudence and practice is very useful...The contributions are consistently worth reading and contribute significantly to the further development of teaching and practice in the field of legislation. (Translated from the original French) -- Georg Muller * LeGes * ambitious and important scientific handbook, which is addressed at scholars and the European level it closes a gap and will find special attention due to its transnational adds to many national Drafting Manuals in at least 2 directions: by its comparative nature as well as inclusion of legisprudence discussions...All in all: a handbook, of which one wishes to see further and expanded editions, that presents plenty of information, suggestions and scientific discoveries for readers all over Europe. (Translated from the original German) -- Prof. Dr. Klaus Messerschmidt, FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg * Deutsches Verwaltungsblatt * The book Legislation in Europe encompasses ... a huge amount of information on legisprudence. It is challenging to condense all this knowledge into one book, but authors succeeded to provide a transparent overview that allows the reader to understand this otherwise complex and complicated system better ... The book provides what its title promises: a practical guide for all readers. (Translated from the original Hungarian) -- Daniel Domokos * Parlamenti Szemle *

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