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Healing with Paleo

What's Safe to Eat When You Have an Autoimmune Disease? Let's face it. If you're sick with an autoimmune condition such as Hashimoto's, Celiac, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's, ulcerative colitis, chronic fatigue, or one of the many other autoimmune conditions out there, you simply don't have the energy to sift through piles of information just to try to figure out what's "safe" to eat. All you want is to find a way to finally heal and to eat in a way that's easy to follow, tastes good, and supports your healing...but it always seems so complicated. Eating to Heal Autoimmune Disease Doesn't Have to Be So Hard You've probably already read about the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol on various blogs or heard about it from a friend. Perhaps you've read other books that tell you the whys and the hows of autoimmune paleo, but you've been left feeling a bit confused. You need less of the "why" and more of the "how to"-without having to learn how to make the perfect paleo donut or an enticing cricket paella. Stop Relying on Willpower, There's a Better Way There's a way to do the autoimmune paleo diet that doesn't rely on your willpower to resist the pizza or cake, or your ability to slave over a hot stove to produce three gourmet AIP meals per day. And you don't have to survive on canned tuna and broccoli every day--or ever. Enter the art of meal planning, shopping like a PRO, and batch cooking, all of which you'll learn in "Healing with Paleo." People around you will start to notice that your skin looks great, and they'll be wondering what beauty products you've been using. You'll have more energy, a slimmer waistline, and more muscle definition. Finally a simple solution to the question of what's "safe" to eat.
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Raised on Frankenberries, Burple, and liquid amoxicillin, Jamie baffled doctors with the worst case of chicken pox ever seen, followed by eczema, asthma, and migraine headaches. The only apparent causes of these health complaints were a pill deficiency and too many bacteria. After calling 1-800-Free-Willy and eventually becoming a member of Greenpeace and PETA, Jamie began to realize that her food choices made an impact on her health as well as the environment. She ditched the "junk" foods and became a vegan, but the nagging health problems just began to escalate. It wasn't until she moved to California in 2003 to study Chinese Medicine that she made the conscious decision to become an omnivore who eats red meat and saturated fat. Within just a few weeks, Jamie began to experience a new level of energy and mental clarity, visible abs, a normal body temperature of 98.6, and no more migraines and asthma attacks. If you'd like to experience a powerful transformation like this, make sure you read all of Jamie's books and sign up for her free Functional Medicine Boot Camp at Energized.Life.

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