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The Fraternitas Saturni


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Table of Contents


Foreword by Frater U D

Preface to the Fourth Edition


Seeking the Light in Darkness

Chapter 1
A History of the Fraternitas Saturni
Distant Roots
The FOGC .: 99 :.
The Ordo Templi Orientis and Aleister Crowley
Discords and Harmonies

Chapter 2
Doctrines of the Fraternitas Saturni
Lux e Tenebris Lucet et Luceat
Saturn Gnosis
The Saturnian Archetype
Aim of the Fraternitas Saturni--The Lodge Concept
The Way of Saturn
Astral Gnosis
Aeonic Cosmosophy: The Dark Side of the Aquarian Age
The Luciferian Principle
The Yoga of the Dark Light: Fraternitas Saturni Sexual Mysticism Nietzschean Thelemism

Chapter 3
Organizaion of the Fraternitas Saturni
The Initiatory Path
The Thirty-Three Degrees and Their Work

Chapter 4
Magical Work
Magical Training
Lodge Rituals
The Saturnian Liturgy
The Saturnian Sacraments
Lodge Rites
A Note on "Electrical Magic"
Secret Sex-Magical Practices of the Fraternitas Saturni
Experimental and Magical use of the Pendulum
Astrology and Sex Magic


Appendix A Ritual Missae Fraternitas Saturni

Appendix B Ritual Missae for the Grand and Festival Lodge

Appendix C Ritual Missae for the Master Lodge of the Fraternitas Saturni
Appendix D Gradus Pentalphae Appendix E Statement of Relations between Myself, Aleister Crowley, and Heinrich Tranker (1925)

Appendix F The Constitution of the Fraternitas Saturni

Appendix G Letter from Gregor A. Gregorius to Aleister Crowley (1926)
Appendix H Letter from Gregor A. Gregorius to Aleister Crowley (1927)
Appendix I An Initiation Ritual of the FOGC .: 99 :.

Appendix J The Rosicrucians and the Bavarian Illuminati

Appendix K An Outline of Adonism

Appendix L Instructions Appended to Liber I
by Master Pacitius




About the Author

Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D., received his doctorate in Germanic languages and medieval studies from the University of Texas at Austin and studied the history of occultism at the University of Goettingen, Germany. The author of more than 24 books, including Lords of the Left-Hand Path and Original Magic, he lives near Smithville, Texas.


"Stephen Flowers lets the cat out of the bag on the subject of the Fraternitas Saturni and takes us into the richly Faustian world of Germanic occultism from which the order emerged, created out of a heady brew of Freemasonry, astrology, Golden Dawn magic, Crowley's Thelema, and much more. With its detailed descriptions of the order's rituals and practices, this book is an eye-opener with a vengeance." * Christopher McIntosh, Ph.D., author of Eliphas Levi and the French Occult Revival *
"The Western esoteric tradition, from which this book's subject emerges, has now gained acceptance as a branch of the Western canon worthy of scholarly inquiry and as a discipline deserving of its seat in the academy. Flowers casts light on one of the 20th century's most secretive, intriguing (and misunderstood) occult orders, the Fraternitas Saturni. This is a fascinating and highly readable study of the Order's tantric, astrosophical, and Nietzchean doctrines; their Gnostic sexual cosmologies and practices; their quasi-masonic structure; the Order's enigmatic and innovative figures such as FS Grand Master Gregor A. Gregorius; and the influence of Aleister Crowley, Thelema, and the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) on the Brotherhood." * Stephen J. King (Shiva X Degrees), Grand Master, Ordo Templi Orientis *
"Germany's contribution to the Western magical tradition reaches back, in modern form, to the medieval Grail myths, the founding of the original Rosicrucian Order and its many later derivatives, the quasi-masonic operations of the Bavarian Illuminati, Germany's legendary influence on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and, of course, its role in the founding and early development of the Ordo Templi Orientis. The Fraternitas Saturni Order is heir to all of these, and Stephen Flowers, Ph.D., has devoted decades to expanding and deepening the research that led to his first groundbreaking book on the Order. This fourth revised and enlarged edition may at last represent the completion of that herculean task as it more deeply explores and communicates the Order's mysteries to a yet wider audience. Critically, Flowers elucidates at length on the primary characteristic that makes the Fraternitas Saturni so unique--its dual emphasis on social lodge work and group ritual, balanced by its curriculum of disciplined individual practices that must be accomplished in silence by each member." * James Wasserman, author of The Mystery Traditions *
"This is recommended reading for all interested in secret fraternities." * Paul Young, New Dawn Magazine *

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