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The ageless water witch Arahab has been scheming for eons, gathering the means to awaken the great Leviathan. She aims to bring him and the old gods back to their former glory, not caring that their ascendance will also mean an end to the human race. However, awakening the Leviathan will be no small feat. In fact, Arahab can't complete the ritual without human aid. Arahab's first choice is Jose Gaspar, a notorious sea pirate from eighteenth-century Spain. But when the task proves too difficult for Gaspar, she must look elsewhere, biding her time until the 1930s, when the ideal candidate shows up: a slightly deranged teenager named Bernice. Bernice is sophisticated, torn from New York and forced to spend a miserable summer on Anna Maria Island, a tiny rock off the coast of Florida. She's also been saddled with the companionship of her farm-raised cousin Nia. Eventually, Bernice's disenchantment gives way to rage and she commits a terrible crime. When Nia won't cover for Bernice, she turns on Nia, chasing her into the deadly coastal waves. But the elementals have better ideas: the moment the girls go under, Bernice is commandeered for Arahab's task force, and Nia is turned into a strange and powerful creature by a servant of the earth who doesn't want to surrender his green fields and muddy plains. Add in a hapless fire inspector who's just trying to get his paperwork in order, a fire god whose neutrality has been called into question, and a bizarre religious cult, and rural Florida doesn't seem quite so sleepy anymore. With Fathom, Cherie Priest brings her masterful writing and unforgettable characterization to the realm of near-contemporary rural fantasy. The result is fast-paced, stunning, and quite unlike anything you've ever read.
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Cherie Priest debuted to great acclaim with Four and Twenty Blackbirds, Wings to the Kingdom, and Not Flesh Nor Feathers, a trilogy of Southern Gothic ghost stories featuring heroine Eden Moore. She is also the author of Dreadnought and Boneshaker, which was nominated for a Nebula and Hugo Award, won the Locus Award for best science-fiction novel, and was named Steampunk Book of the Year by Born in Tampa, Florida, Priest earned her master's in rhetoric at the University of Tennessee. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband, Aric, and a fat black cat named Spain.


A decidedly dark departure from Priest's Eden Moore saga (Four and Twenty Blackbirds, etc.), this stand-alone novel is equal parts horror, contemporary fantasy and apocalyptic thriller. During a summer vacation to her aunt's coastal Florida home, innocent teen Nia sees her cousin Bernice commit a brutal murder and then get dragged into the ocean by a monstrous water witch. Nia becomes inadvertently entangled in a conflict between primordial creatures that endangers the very existence of humankind. Entombed in stone for countless years, Nia eventually emerges from her cocoon transformed, only to realize that an old god is close to awakening and destroying the world. Priest's haunting lyricism and graceful narrative are complemented by the solemn, cynical thematic undercurrents with a tangible gravity and depth. This is arguably her most ambitious-and accomplished-work to date. (Dec.) Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.

"Priest kills as a stylist." --"Charles de Lint" "Chock-full of chilling details and soaked to the bone with suspense." --"Southern Living "on" Not Flesh Nor Feathers" "Well-written, quick paced and detailed, every page is a shivering delight." --"BookPage" on "Not Flesh Nor Feathers" "Cherie Priest is to dark fantasy what fresh roasted coffee is to mornings: simply essential." --Paul Goat Allen on "Wings to the Kingdom" "A remarkably assured debut, a creepy modern-day Southern gothic that doesn't rely on cliche but delivers an emotional, powerful tale of self-discovery and the supernatural." --"San Francisco"" Chronicle "on "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" "Breathlessly readable, palpably atmospheric and compellingly suspenseful, "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" is a considerable debut. It's written with great control and fluency, and it looks like the start of quite a career." --Ramsey Campbell "[Priest's] voice is rich, earthy, soulful, and deliciously southern as she weaves a disturbing yarn like a master! Awesome--gives you goosebumps!" --L.A. Banks on "Four and Twenty Blackbirds" "Priest has done for Chattanooga, Tennessee, what Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite have done for New Orleans.""--Fangoria ""Beautifully detailed.... "Wings to the Kingdom" is more firmly based in the physical world than "Blackbirds" was, but it's every bit as fascinating. Once again, Priest succeeds in making her story both straightforward and exquisitely strange."--"Green Man Review ""A taut, well conceived, and skillfully executed thriller by one of the brightest (darkest?) of recent newcomers to the horror field."--"Critical Mass" on "Not Flesh Nor Feathers"

Long before humans populated Earth, monsters and creatures now regarded as myths roamed the world. The Creator banished or destroyed these terrible creations before turning the world over to the human race, but a few still linger, seeking to regain their sovereignty over the planet. In coastal Florida, a young woman once imprisoned in a statue and a handful of other reluctant heroes stumble headlong into a battle to protect the planet from a return to madness. Priest (Not Flesh Nor Feathers; Wings to the Kingdom; Four and Twenty Blackbirds) again demonstrates her keen eye for detail and ambiance as she re-creates an enchanting part of America as the setting for a tale of horror of biblical proportions. Part fairy tale, part work of modern gothic horror, Priest's latest belongs in most libraries. Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.

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