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Preface. Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Chapter 1: Motor Principles. Magnetic Attraction and Repulsion. Electromagnets. Induced Currents. Direct-Current (DC) Generators. Types of DC Generators. Control of DC Generators. Direct-Current Motors. Alternating-Current Motors. Polyphase Machines. Single-Phase Motors. Motor Control. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 2: Small DC and Universal Motors. Shunt DC Motors. Compound Motors. Permanent-Magnet Motors. Series or Universal Motors. Repairing a Series (Universal) Motor. Miscellaneous Information. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 3: Commutators and Brushes. The Armature. Magnet Wire Characteristics. Brushes. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 4: Split-Phase Motors. Starting a Single-Phase Motor. Starting a Split-Phase Motor. Characteristics of the Split-Phase Motor. Dual-Frequency Operation. Motor Noise and Vibration. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 5: Capacitor-Start Motors/Capacitor-Run Motors. Starting a Capacitor-Start Motor. The Electrolytic Capacitor. Characteristics of the Electrolytic Capacitor. Characteristics of Capacitor Motors. Reversing the Motor. Dual-Frequency Operation. Mechanical and Electrical Noises. The Capacitor-Run Motor. Reversing the Capacitor-Run Motor. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 6: Shaded-Pole Motors. Starting the Shaded-Pole Motor. Types of Shaded-Pole Motors. Construction of Shaded-Pole Motors. Performance of Shaded-Pole Motors. Applications of Shaded-Pole Motors. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 7: Three-Phase Motors. Uses of Three-Phase Motors. How Three-Phase Motors Work. Torque. Reversibility. Applications of Three-Phase Motors. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 8: Squirrel-Cage Motors. Construction. Principles of Operation. Speed. Torque. Classification. Starting. Control Equipment. Application. Troubleshooting with the Split-Core Volt-Ammeter. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 9: Three-Speed and Instant Reversing Motors. Understanding the Nameplate. Troubles. Bearings. Three-Speed Motors. Instant-Reversing Motors. Reversing Starter. Severe-Duty Motors. Farm-Duty Motors. High-Slip Motors. Explosion-Proof Motors. Other Motors. Metric Motor Ratings. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 10: Steppers and Synchronous Motors. Shaded-Pole Unidirectional Synchronous Motors. Capacitor Start-and-Run, Bidirectional Synchronous Motor. Single-Phase, Stepper Motor (Unipolar Drive). Single-Phase, Stepper Motor (Bipolar Drive). Two-Phase, Stepper Motor (Unipolar Drive). Four-Phase, Stepper Motor (Unipolar Drive). Open-Frame, Synchronous and Stepper Motor. Reversible Step-Servo Motor. High-Torque, Reversible AC Motor. Three-Wire, Stepper Motor (Open Frame). Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 11: Wound-Rotor Motors. Characteristics. Control Equipment. Application. Operating Speed Variation. Troubleshooting. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 12: Fractional-Horsepower Motors. Split-Phase Induction Motors. Capacitor-Start Motors. Permanent-Capacitor Motors. Repulsion Motors. Shaded-Pole Motors. Universal Motors. Reluctance-Synchronous Motors. Hysteresis-Synchronous Motors. Speed Control. Application. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 13: Motor Selection and Replacement. Selection of Motor Type. Motor Mounting. Part-Winding Starting. Enclosures and Special Winding Treatment. Guide to Selecting the Right Motor. Installation (Power Supply/Connections). Operation of 230-V Motors on 208-V Systems. Safety Precautions. Location and Motor Enclosures. Maintenance. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 14: Motor Calculations. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 15: Modifying Motors. Motor Modifications for Shafts. Speed Controls. Modifying AC Motors for Speed Control. AC Motor Speed-Control Methods. Reversing Direction of Rotation. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 16: Switches and Relays. Overload Protection. Internal (Line Break) Motor Protector. Relays for Motor Control. Maintenance and Repair of Relays. Electronic Speed Control. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 17: Motion Control. Disc Magnet Stepper Terminology. Disc Magnet Steppers. Using Steppers at Their Upper Limits. Disc Magnet, Two-Phase, Stepper Motor. PM, Two- and Four-Phase Stepper Motors. Two- and Four-Phase Linear Stepper Motors. Brushless DC Motors. Ironless-Rotor DC Motors. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 18: Motor Control Methods. Selection of Motor Control. Motor Controller. Locked-Rotor Control (LRC). Enclosures. Overcurrent Protection. Overload Protection. Manual Starter. Magnetic Control. Holding Circuit Interlock. Reversing Starter. Motor-Reversing Characteristics. Timers and Timing Relays. Drum Switch. Control Station (Pushbutton Station). Limit Switch. Snap Switch. Pressure Switch. Float Switch. Solid-State, Adjustable-Speed Controllers. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 19: Motor Repair Tools. Screwdrivers. Pliers. Hammers. Hacksaws. Wrenches. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 20: Motor Repair Supplies. Setscrews. Carbon Brushes. Bushings and Bearings. Shaft Adapters. Rubber Mounts. Fiber Washers. Rubber Grommets. Replacement Switches. Electrolytic Capacitors. Insulating Enamel. Cord. Motor Wiring for Installation. Fuses. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 21: General Maintenance. General Troubleshooting Procedures. Maintenance of the Split-Phase Motor. Maintenance of Capacitor Motors. Electrolytic Capacitors. Tests for Capacitors. The Permanent-Split Capacitor Motor. The Shaded-Pole Motor. Maintenance of the Three-Phase Motor. Maintenance of Brush-Type Motors. Summary. Review Questions. Chapter 22: Shafts and Bearings. Motor Shafts. Rotor and Shaft. Selection of Bearings. Summary. Review Questions. Appendix A: Miscellaneous Information. Appendix B: Wiring Diagrams. Appendix C: Motor Connections. Glossary. Index.

About the Author

Rex Miller is a former Professor of Industrial Technology, a forty-year educator, and the author or coauthor of more than 100 textbooks. Mark Richard Miller is a Professor and Chairman of the Industrial Technology Department at Texas A&M University in Kingsville, Texas.

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